The concept of This Moveable Feast was born in the outskirts of Washington state’s Olympic mountains on a sunny morning in July 2017. I had joined my friends Lauren and Miranda on an impromptu trip to Marmot Pass in the Buckhorn Wilderness the day before. After a long day of hiking, backtracking to navigate around snowfields, and more hiking, we found a campsite that provided an unparalleled sunset view.


The next morning we said goodbye to the mountain goat who had joined us for breakfast and headed home. The hike out was downhill and easy; we passed the time by chatting about everything and anything. At one point, Miranda posed the question, “If all jobs paid exactly the same, and you knew you would be successful at anything you attempted, how would you choose to be employed?”


Having graduated with a Master’s degree in Nutrition a few weeks prior, I was in the midst of preparing to move to Oregon for a dietetic internship, the next step in my journey toward becoming a Registered Dietitian. I was excited and passionate about dietetics as my real-life-career, but knew I wanted to integrate my excitement and passion for the outdoors in my fantasy-land-career as well. I told them about my business idea for a line of dehydrated backpacking meals that are nutritionally sound, based on whole food ingredients, and offer options to those with dietary restrictions. Conversation quickly turned away from fantasy, instead focusing on the reality of how this business might come to fruition.


The idea of a cookbook, or even a blog as a starting point was suggested. I had been experimenting more and more with my dehydrator, and the result was the development of some very tasty “just add water” type backpacking meals. A blog to document my attempts, failures, and successes seemed like the perfect project for me. It is also a niche topic area: backpacking blogs are numerous and cooking blogs are aplenty, but while blogs about dehydrating are available, they largely focus on dehydrating for the purpose of long term storage and preservation, not for the purpose of creating meals to eat on-the-trail.  Thus, This Moveable Feast was born.

Credit for suggesting the name goes to Lauren. It is inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s memoir titled A Moveable Feast, and encompasses all hopes I have for this project. First and foremost, I’d like to provide ideas, recipes, and resources for creating delicious and nutritious meals that can be easily carried into any adventure you might have planned. Backpacking? Bikepacking? Taking a paddle trip? Summiting a mountain? Car camping? Whatever inspires you to get outside, I’ll help make meal planning both easier and tastier. Second, it is a place where I can document my own adventures and perhaps provide some of that inspiration to get out and enjoy the beautiful world in which we live.


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