downloadThroughout my travels and experiences, food has always been universal. No matter where you are in the world, common ground can be found over a meal. This has been my inspiration to enter dietetics. Having previously worked as a Health Projects Manager at an NGO in Ghana, I met locals who were, in a variety of ways, unhealthy. Back in Washington state, while employed as a health coach for a corporate wellness company, I again worked with unhealthy people. The settings and ailments of these two groups were vastly different. However, a common element was often the causative role that diet played in their condition. This led me to believe in the holistic power of whole foods and their role in integrative and functional medicine. The passion this ignited within me guided me toward a career in dietetics.

It is often said that the most difficult roads deliver you to the most beautiful destinations. This is true not only of most hiking trails, but also of personal journeys. My own road toward a career in dietetics has been no exception; there have been obstacles, twists, and plenty of forks. As a dietitian, I must be aware that each and every client I work with has their own unique road they are navigating. In order to be an effective practitioner, my role is to offer the support and guidance that enables a successful destination, wherever that may be.


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